Peri Menopause Formula

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2 Targeted Dietary Supplements


Hormone-Free 24-Hour Relief for PeriMenopausal Symptoms
AM - PMS Symptoms • Lack of Energy • Irritabilit • Mood Swings
PM - Occasional Sleeplessness • Muscle Tension* • Night Sweats

24-hour Perimenopause Symptom Relief*
Situation: Estrogen levels become erratic and are often elevated during perimenopause. This hormone shift can start around age 35 and last until you're about 50. AM/PM PeriMenopause Formula™ allows a woman to have control over her own "change of life" journey. *

AM Formula
Natural Ingredient - Natural Support
• Green Tea - For Energy and weight management*
• Chaste Berry - For menstrual symptoms*
• Rhodiola - For concentration, mental alertness and endurance

PM Formula
• Black Cohosh - For relief of occasional night sweats and mood swings*
Valerian and Hops - For relaxation
• L-Theanine - For alleviating nighttime muscle tension and to promote restful sleep*